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December 2023

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hack game Revived Witch Mobile

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hack game Revived Witch Mobile Empty hack game Revived Witch Mobile

Bài gửi by DDarkness™ Wed 19 Jul 2023 - 0:06

Tải hack game Revived Witch mobile mới nhất
Auto Revived Witch ,Hack Revived Witch , Bug Revived Witch , Download hack Revived Witch mobile Free !

hack game Revived Witch Mobile 3fznmbQv1iSWhbTxqmRegYlAfzxLJIahk7DGbCV5Xkfi5wM8rXycGcrvIJDT_sWO1UI=w526-h296-rw
In a dark forest of this continent, a lofty tower reappears, suffused with strong magic. Legend has it that the tower hides a mystical power. Countless people entered the tower for it but no one has managed to get out alive. A maiden who reposed in the forest was awakened by a soft calling from nowhere. She's a witch who doesn't remember much. To get her memories back and fulfill her destiny, she picks up her staff, wears her pointy hat, and pushes the tower's heavy doors open under the guidance of that mysterious voice.
hack game Revived Witch Mobile QYu-d_-EpOxooWgAQpMoL7sJa93V6zxTwIpO8nVgHMjx-Zi-pBHMg8-cXALAb6xhvdI=w526-h296-rw
Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game that combines both 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting. You play as a young witch who enters a mysterious tower and travels across various worlds to fulfill her destiny. You’ll meet many companions with different personalities and fight with them against powerful enemies on your journey.

●High-Resolution Pixel Art & Exquisite Lighting Effect
Combination of dynamic 2D high-resolution pixel art and 3D lighting. The splendid worlds are waiting for you to explore.
hack game Revived Witch Mobile 0WR3zcY-NWTxUlIJrhqkRPVL-_Th56bH-BDO54sd5W7ucnqi_r1PZEqHEH1mMK0tTnI=w526-h296-rw
●Character Cultivation/Team Building
Level up your characters, and forge and enchant your equipment to build up your team. Get fully prepared for the unknown adventure.

●Dynamic characters
Characters are presented by Live 2D technology and their voice-overs are presented by excellent voice actors such as Ogura Yui, Yuuki Aoi, and Tomatsu Haruka, etc.
hack game Revived Witch Mobile 9gEGZ67sTkb8h9eNoXGWhlObZIu_GgV6-5moFBUO_e6kOXVuqMsLLkBlQPqhcH39FG0=w526-h296-rw
●Real-time battle
Manage the use of both order and chaos energy to defeat your enemies and protect your companions in real time. Reverse any critical situation with your hands.

●Exploration of Different Worlds
Travel across parallel worlds to appreciate the beauty of magic forests, ice world, lava caves, and more. Find much pleasure and delight in exploring.
hack game Revived Witch Mobile D1bdldZtz7BYC1VUVOrGbYNfn_lZJAJszzMuyEvzXam033ZE97qMxzhPUoTQ1LuWB3I7=w526-h296-rw

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hack game Revived Witch Mobile Empty Re: hack game Revived Witch Mobile

Bài gửi by thuytruongDHKt Thu 7 Sep 2023 - 16:30


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Thành Viên Víp

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